Thursday, The Sun News in Myrtle Beach will run my story on the FDA’s Deeming Regulations and their impact on a local vape shop here, Zuluvape, and what owner Orit Deverell is doing to stay ahead of the regulatory curve.


Above: With Orit Deverell, owner of Zuluvape

I also had the pleasure of interviewing John Boynton, executive director of an organization called the South Carolina Vapor Industry association [SCVIA] – which is affiliated with the national trade advocacy group, the Vapor Technology Association – which lobbies at the federal level to give the vape industry a voice in Washington.


For the sake of keeping this story balanced, I also got some medical input at the local level from a family practitioner, Dr. Victor Archambeau, as well as a statement from Coastal Carolina University public health professor, Dr. Michael S. Dunn.

As some of you might know, I work in the cigar industry – specifically Tinder Box Myrtle Beach, under the umbrella of Tinder Box of the Carolinas. I am also a committed vaper, having given up traditional cigarettes for electronic cigarettes nearly three years ago.

The fact that the premium cigar industry and the vape industry are lumped into the same legislation by way of the FDA is a bit surprising and although these industries might be considered strange bedfellows – the strength of lobbying efforts has effectively doubled.

United we stand, right?

Here’s a peek online- and this is just the beginning.

FDA Regulations Impact Myrtle Beach-area Vape Retailers