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“Don’t die with your music still in you…”

Wayne Dyer

No matter how long you have been on this planet, there’s something you still need to do.

I remember when my father started going through old papers, notebooks and letters he had stored in my aunt and uncle’s basement in Crestline, California – 5000 feet up in the San Bernardino Mountains

I found that odd, but I knew what he was up to. He had recently emerged from the hospital after suffering a fall in the shower and developing subdural hematomas, which rendered him incapable of doing basic things like using silverware, holding a cup of tea (his favorite) or even walking.

He had fully improved by the time decided to get rid of that stuff.

I couldn’t have been more than twenty, and I just watched him as he discarded item after item. It was as if he had an agenda, and it seemed to me then that he had a taste of his own mortality and wanted to make sure he “cleaned house.”

He died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm soon after that. That day also happened to be my 21st birthday – the day my twin brother and I were set to party it up. Our friends had a limo ready for us. Let’s just say that was a bust.

The above is not so much a digression as it is a story about what my father felt he had to do, and I kind of wish I had those discarded items to shift through to make better sense of his life and the man he was.

Do the Thing

But this post is not just about getting your house in order before you die; it’s about making sure we don’t depart this mortal coil with our work unfinished – our purpose unfulfilled.

I’m going to be 57 in July. That number is almost unbelievable – and if I let my thoughts run rampant, I am afraid that they will take me to a place of regret – the cursed domain of “should-haves,” “would-haves” and “could-haves.”

I have written before about the value of reconnecting with our inner 12-year-olds to see what resonated with us then. Forget the conventional wisdom that a pre-teen doesn’t yet have the ability to intuit what they want from life. I have a feeling that we all have an inkling of what moves us long before that. It’s only after repeated exposure to those who tell us to stop daydreaming that we begin to lose – or sublimate – our innate and God-given talents.

Look at the people who told you to grow up. Did their lives show any indication of fulfillment? Of joy?

Probably not.

Chances are good that somebody else told them to grow up, thereby continuing a generational beat-down – a downward spiral of error, if you will.

Conform or die.

Always remember this obvious fact: Death is not the exclusive domain of the old. The bell could toll at any time. Earl Nightingale, the Dean of Personal Development, once said something to the effect that if we are on course, the end could come like a snapped piece of film in a reel as we are going about our business.

What do you need to finish?

What do you need to start?

What thing have you talked about for years, for decades, that you never got around to starting?

Believe me, the urge to complete that thing will not stop dogging you. No matter how much you try to avoid it.

The result – bitterness. Regret. Failure to launch. The void.

There is something inside you that needs to be realized – something dear to you that you have cherished since you were little. It is my hope that you dust that off and begin in earnest to nurture that.

From my heart to yours: Start the thing. You will be glad you did.

After years of hemming and hawing; after false starts and heaping helpings of procrastination, my brother and I finally launched our podcast…

Episode 33 – "Airwolf Blitzer" Yale Brothers Podcast

The twins are not fighting. It might seem like that, though. This episode covers everything from health and fitness to guitars and pencils – from CrossFit to the mountains of Southwest Virginia, Billy Preston to Paul Williams and so much more – including a cool instrumental from Chris. SHOW NOTES: 0:00 – "Airwolf Blitzer" – Instrumental by Chris Yale 1:43 – Greetings and about the instrumental / Logic Pro 2:47 – We're not fighting / Fuente Anejo 888 4:00 – Health & fitness / Chris' flip-flops / Achilles heels 5:01 – Eating seeds as a pastime activity 5:35 – Kretschmer 6:05 – Roger's son and coach / More fitness / Nutrition / Insect protein / Cricket protein / Buddy Holly's Crickets 7:45 – Roger's son competed in Fittest of the Coast / CrossFit Wando 8:52 – Riffing on CrossFit 9:23 – Coloring and hunting for Easter Eggs 9:35 – Neil Young "After the Gold Rush" 10:05 – Harry Nilsson "Without You" / Eric Carmen "All By Myself" / Celine Dion "All By Myself" / Eminem "Without Me" 11:10 – Paul Williams interviewed by Brian Koppelman 12:10 – Wytheville, VA and "The Pencil" 12:57 – Pencil quality check / Dixon Ticonderoga 13:35 – Quality and the Global Marketplace 13:30 – Quality and guitars / Chris' guitars / Quality can be found everywhwere 16:32 – Returning guitars / More guitar talk / SansAmp Acoustic Flyrig / Sansabelt pants 19:41 – Popeil Pocket Fisherman 20:45 – Recent gigs at LuLu's North Myrtle Beach / The mix / PreSonus / QSC 23:49 – "Let's unpack this" / "Let's stick a pin in this" / "Hey there" / Jen Psaki 24: 56 – Busy Myrtle Beach / Vaccine talk / Hygiene / Chemicals 26:50 – Inner Space ride at Disneyland back in the day / Billy Preston "Outta Space" 27:48 – Chris' session with Billy Preston / Joe Hicks / Roger Dollarhide / Paramount Recording Studios 29:37 – Drinking in Hollywood / Four Aces / Frolic Room / Firefly / Old Drunks / Drinking at lunch / The Old Spaghetti Factory with Mark Mulkeen / The People Tree / Gower Gulch 33:22 – BUZZ WTR / New booze versus old booze / Seltzers / White Claw / Jameson 34:08 – Roger's daughter is a Hibernophile 35:02 – Freestyling versus talking points 36:15 – 33 Episodes already / Jesus died at 33 / Elton John "21 at 33" DeBarge "All This Love" 37:20 – Happy birthday to our friend Stan Obrycki            
  1. Episode 33 – "Airwolf Blitzer"
  2. Episode 32 – "French Twist"
  3. Episode 31 – "Steve Fuji: Machines Breathing"
  4. Episode 30 – "Bob's Your Uncle"
  5. Episode 29 – "Intercontinental Hiss"

The first time we tried this, embarrassingly enough, was in 2008, when podcasts were still gaining steam and long before they became ubiquitous. Over a period of a years, we made several more stabs at this – and then we just stopped.

Some earlier attempts went up on SoundCloud, sort-of complete but not quite actual episodes. But we had stories to tell…

And we still do. Stories about growing up in Hollywood in the late 1970s and early 1980s – a period when the town was what my brother called “beautifully grungy” – well before a Build-A-Bear Workshop appeared across from the Chinese Theater.

We lived at the foot of the Hollywood Hills at Franklin Avenue and Orange Drive, in an apartment building wedged directly in between the fabled Magic Castle and a 40-unit hotel our father managed called The Magic Hotel. The hotel is now called The Magic Castle Hotel.

At that time, not only the names of the buildings were magic. Our young lives were as magical as could be.

This podcast will be cathartic for us, and I hope the stories of twin boomers coming of age in lotus land will strike a chord with those curious enough to have a listen.

But we’re not just about looking back. Expect to hear original music in each episode and updates on what’s going on with us now in Myrtle Beach.

Still 12