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Rog no Shirt

Spring 2016 will mark nine years that Sick Stooges has been rocking the landscape of The Grand Strand. God knows how many gigs that amounts to. Math is not my strong suit, but we “Stoogified” so many great (and some not-so-great) venues along the way.

In the big scheme of things, nine years is one hell of a testament to a band’s longevity by anybody’s standards. Well – maybe not the Rolling Stones’ standards, or even [local band] the Mullets’ standards – and I am sure my friend Paul Grimshaw has played at least triple the amount of gigs in the same time frame, but that’s beside the point. It’s a fucking long time by my standards.

I will play my last Sick Stooges show on New Year’s Eve at Ian’s Waterway Bar & Grille in North Myrtle Beach. I made the announcement to the guys, my brothers – Kenny Auerbach, Barry Allen and Carl McClain – a couple of months ago outside what we have come to call our home base – the OD Arcade & Lounge, also in North Myrtle Beach. The show that night went exceptionally well – which made me almost want to put off the inevitable, but I went ahead and told them I would be leaving. I was not looking forward to that.

I am planning on stepping up my freelance writing efforts as well as working with my twin brother, Chris Yale, on our long-neglected plans to write and record music, perform and resume our podcast efforts as The Yale Brothers. The old adage, “if not now, when” comes into serious focus now that I can see 53 clearly, without my glasses, a little more than six months away. It would be tragic to have not made the effort.

I will always treasure my time with Sick Stooges and the bond of friendship and family that has been forged through this undertaking – extending from my band mates and our lovely ladies and Stooge Sisters to so many other amazing people as well.

Check this space for more memories as time permits.

What a ride it’s been!

Thanks for putting up with me and I love you all!

Stooges Logo

Carl McClain

Carl McClain

Kenny Auerbacj

Kenny Auerbach

Barry Allen

Barry Allen

SSFINAL COVER - Original Lineup Stooges

Original Lineup Clockwise: Tim Kelley, Barry Allen, Kenny Auerbach, Roger Yale, Steve Panetti, Tim Dyer

Hoback Stooge

Tim Hoback

Stooges with Cilla

Stooges with Frank Cilla – the guy who gave us our first break when he owned Cowboy’s Nightlife

Joe and Daniel

Joe Graziani, Daniel Graziani

Stooge Sisters

Stooge Sisters

Longhair Rog


Rog Celeb Square New

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