My Tri-State Urinal Tour

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This blog post is about an altogether different sort of flow from my previous post.

Recently, I took a trip with my girlfriend to the mountains of Southwest Virginia. I wrote about this area a while back. It’s where I had a brush with Mountain Music Royalty. Click HERE for more.

Brenda grew up in those mountains – the Blue Ridge Mountains – in Independence, Virginia, not far from where we stayed in the decidedly bigger burg of Wytheville.

Wytheville is on the I-81 Corridor, which follows the spine of the Appalachian Mountains and is a major trucking route spanning the Southeastern states into the North. Every time I am in or around Wytheville, I am almost overwhelmed by the sheer number of big rigs on the road. I am also impressed by the generous sprinkling of truck stops with clean restrooms.

Before I take a road trip, I try not to overdo the coffee or other fluids because I don’t want to stop every five minutes for a bathroom break. Still, I am ever-vigilant about my options because it’s only a matter of time before I need to make a visit. Truck stops are always a welcome sight. Any McDonald’s is a good option, too.

I have been on these trips numerous times – and sometimes they seem like a urinal tour. I begin to notice the brand names of the urinals I visit – American Standard, Sloan, Zurn – each with their different personalities and shapes. Some you still have to flush, others flush when you step away because of the sensors attached to them.

Some spots have privacy partitions. I like those. When I was younger, I used to get stage fright if another guy was doing his business even remotely close to where I was doing mine. The older I get, the less I care – but I’m still no fan of the open troughs like they used to have in some ballparks. No thank you.

Dignity is important, at least to me.

If I was in the urinal business, I might understand the frequent stops, if only to check out the competition. But I find that if I can dehydrate a bit, I get to my intended destination that much quicker.

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