Singing as a Distress Signal

On any given day, you will find me randomly humming, beatboxing or singing parts of a song that somehow crept into my subconscious. The annoying part for those around me is that it’s just a snippet – and that snippet is repeated on a semi-regular endless loop.

But it has to come out – and it doesn’t matter where I am. I mean, I can stop myself if I am at a funeral or a wedding – or an otherwise important meeting where I don’t want people to see how I really am. But those moments are, thankfully, few and far between – so I basically do this with impunity. Even at work.

But I have recently made a personal observation – and it hit me out of nowhere…

When I am going through some sort of mental or emotional issue – or if something is weighing on my mind or I am uncomfortable – it’s like a switch goes on and the singing ramps up. That realization hit me out of the blue, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t true.

It’s like a car in neutral.

I have already said I do this anyway, but it’s more intense in these cases – like sending up a flare or a mayday call.

My brother has a really cool song called “In Distress.”

I believe the endless-loop-singing stops if I make a decision or take action. I will be on the lookout for evidence of this.

But – what about the singing when all is well?

Sorry not sorry. That ain’t gonna stop.

What do you do to cope?

  1. John Creech said:

    I do the same thing. The worst is when I have a song that I don’t even know stuck in my head. Especially when I don’t even know where it came from

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    • brett yale said:

      Stephen King calls that an ear worm.

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    • And then…with the songs we don’t know…how about the midified lyric? I’m there, brother!


  2. brett yale said:

    Eat . When I was a child, my mother always rewarded or distracted us with food. Once I got my finger slammed in a car door. She bought me a pound of almond roca candy..
    I really need to find a new way to channel my stress, or Im going to weigh 500 pounds…lol…

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