Who Am I Anyway: My Charleston Road Trip with My Daughter


“Who am I anyway/Am I My Resume/That is a picture of a person I don’t know…” – A Chorus Line

My daughter Taylor, bought tickets for us to check out a revival of “A Chorus Line” at the Footlight Players Theatre – a venerable playhouse in Charleston’s French Quarter – a wonderful birthday present for me and well worth the wait.


From curtain to curtain – I was transported back to July 1976, when I was lucky enough to see some of the original Broadway cast in the now iconic show’s first national tour at the Shubert Theatre in Los Angeles.

Could that really have been 40 years ago? Good god.

Funny about the human psyche. Memories merged with reality – and it was like I remembered everything – I had fight the urge to sing along, and Taylor actually gave me the look and warned me not to even think about it.

I cried several times, of course.

Two of her friends were in the cast, and both did a wonderful job: Tyler Brockington handling the role of Diana Morales [think “Nothing” and “What I Did For Love”] and Clyde Moser as Bobby Mills [Replacing Troy Donahue – with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum – in the “If Troy Donahue can be a movie star/then I can be a movie star” bit].

Both Brockington and Moser were terrific – as was the rest of the cast and the production as a whole – and kudos to director Robin Burke, musical director Manny Houston [who slayed it on piano, with a bassist and drummer] and choreographer Megan Pue.


Packed house.

The day began with a visit to the Karpeles Manuscript Library/Museum, which is said to be the world’s largest private collection of original manuscripts and documents. We scoped out the current exhibit, boasting letters and other documentation from the Wright Brothers.


Then coffee at her favorite coffee shop, Brown’s Court Bakery, and later a bite at Cane Rhum Bar. I enjoyed the Charleston Hots, a mini fish fry and Taylor had chicken with coconut curry – but we shared. Apparently, Cane had just opened, replacing a bar that was at that location for 70 years and was a low-key Citadel hangout.


Taylor’s friends Steph Mazzella and Danielle Mullis joined us there.

As I mentioned before in this blog, Taylor has such an amazing group of friends in the Holy City.

This was a day for the books, and I am so grateful to have been invited.


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